Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I prevent black smudges on my eyelid from my mascara and eyeliner?

An hour or so after I apply my makeup I get these horrible black smudges right below my brow bone, on my upper eyelid. I think from my mascara or eyeliner. I hate it because it's so embarrasing and I always have to check! Plus when I wipe the smudges off all my eyeshadow goes with it!

Help please!!!!How do I prevent black smudges on my eyelid from my mascara and eyeliner?
Waterproof mascara will solve your problem.How do I prevent black smudges on my eyelid from my mascara and eyeliner?
buy better quality make-up
use waterproof makeup
Don't use makeup.

It's unneccessary. you look fine without it.

Your just keeping the makeup companies in business.
take a s ponge mop too the stuff and pry it of it always works cool!!
try using loreal intense lineur felt tip,, its the best eyeliner and it doesnt smudge,,, as for the mascara try water proff,,l or dont buy cheap ones,, they will always smudge,,
Waterproof mascara. It solves everything.
wear normal mascara and normal eyeshadow but before you apply the eyeshadow put some concealer or foundation on your eyelids so the make up has something to hold on to and make it not so easy to smudge
Use L'oreal makeup. That always works for me!
Have you tried using a waterproof mascara? Also you may want to try using lash extensions to avoid running mascara as well as liquid eyeliner.
Get water proof mascara
RElE i dont no it happens to me a lot !!! iTS LIFE YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT =(
powder %26amp; waterproof mascara
I had that too, i used to use waterproof mascara, ever since i switched to the normal kind, it hasn't happened.
waterproof and smudge proof mascara and eyeliner works for me

im no expert but its proly a bad brand or something
waterproof mascara
waterprof to get it off use a q-tip with lotion...its magic!
waterproof should keep it from smudging or running. Its from the oils that your face produce daily... it gets to your eyes and smudges your eye makeup, hence waterproof wont allow this. :-)

ali *
water proof everyhing, i really like the covergirl brand that queen latifa endorses, the eyeliner comes free with the mascara, good luck.
Be careful when you apply your mascara that you aren't accidentally lightly touching the mascara wand to the area under your brow bone. Sometimes I am putting on mascara and accidentally get it on my brow bone. Also, use waterproof mascara to keep it from smudging. You may want to try putting the eyeshadow on a little thicker also so that you can lightly dab the smudges off without removing all makeup.
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