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What is the best lash thickening mascara?

I already have naturally really long eyelashes, but I think that they would look really good if they were a bit more thicker. Any know any mascaras that can plump up eyelashes? preferably reasonable priced ones? thanks.What is the best lash thickening mascara?
I have tried pretty much every mascara out there (cheap and expensive) and Diorshow has worked best for me.

number 2, I'd have to go with Benefit's bad gal lash

and number 3, Fresh Supernova

number 4 is suprisingly Revlon's 3d extreme, from drugstores.

vaseline might look like it plumps your eyelashes temporarily, but why risk getting your eye infected?

the same thing can be accomplished by proper mascara application.What is the best lash thickening mascara?
well, i LOVED Diorshow, but that is pretty pricey. so i suggest Max Factor Calorie 2000. it is very good!
If you are looking for something not too expensive (maybe $7) use Max Factor.
benefit bad gal lashes reasonably priced considering it lasts a long time
put vaseline on your eyelashes before you apply mascara to add thickness and avoid clumping. MAC plush lash and benefit bad girl lash are really good.
lashblast works pretty well and so does maybellene XXL
L'Oreal Volume Shocking makes the lashes look really thick. It's a two step mascara, a primer and the actual mascara. I love it makes it look like fake lashes and a dramatic look. It takes a while to dry though..its about 9 dollars.

How long should I keep my mascara?

I've been told that I should only keep mascara for three months. Is that true, or can I keep my mascara longer? Cause some of the mascara I have are from last year, and they're not finished yet, but I don't really find that they're clumpy and they don't give me infections. Plus, I can't possibly finish my mascara in such a short time - I have like seven bottles and I choose different ones each day.

And is it the same for eyeshadow/eyeliner? How long should I keep my mascara?
Not true at all!

Mascara has the shortest life of all cosmetics, I'd say 6 weeks MAX!

To heighten the length of the life of your mascara, store it in the fridge while you don't use it.

Eyeliner, it depends on the type. If it's a pencil, usually when you're done, it's done. Liquid is like mascara, so I wouldn't keep it for over 6 weeks. Eyeshadow generally lasts much longer, but I presume you use brushes to apply it. Those should be washed every two weeks - and that should keep your eyeshadow from being contaminated and lasting longer.

Cheers.How long should I keep my mascara?
three months max. there are mites living on your lashes that you can't see, they're microscopic. once you apply mascara the mites and bacteria transfer on to your mascara brush. over time the mites and bacteria will breed in the mascara tube because they love damp and dark places.. and if you put on that mite and bacteria filled mascara onto your eye, you'll get an infection.
You can keep it up to six months. I would suggest sticking to one kind and using it everyday until its out this way you want have to worry about getting an eye infection. Also smell your mascara if it has an odd odor coming from it then you really need to throw it out because that means bacteria has started growing in the tube. Hope this helps.
I just use my mascara untill it runs out or gets clumpy and never have had any problems with infections etc. I really don't think eyeshadow or eyeliners have specific dates to be used by because i've had some of my eyeshadow and eyeliners for more than 2 years and i still occasionally use them with no problems
Every time you put that mascara back into the tube you are pumping in and pulling out bacteria that can cause an eye infection. Do not use mascara from last year. You have a little more leeway with eyeshadow as it doesn't actually go near the opening of your eye.
3 months, if your eyes aren't to senstive you could use it for longer but sometimes it can irritate your eyes. Or get clumpy.

For eyeliner and eyeshadow I mean you dont have to but I would just because bacteria can go in so mostly just for hygen
You should keep it for three to four months.

Even though you can't see it, over time, bacteria builds up in your mascara. It may not cause an infection right away, but it can in the long run, and using old mascara can ruin your eyelashes.
i have herd that too except i usually keep my mascara a little longer usually about 5 months. Never a year though. I know one of my friends kept hers for a year and a half and she got an infection from it.
mascara: 3 months

foundation: 6 months

eyeliner: one year

lipgloss: 1 year
get some new mascara after three months. Still wair it but in three months get new mascara bye

2 seconds

3 months is the maximum time for mascaras

after 3 months then you should replace them

How can I prevent a smeary mascara application?

When I apply mascara with a regular mascara wand, it tends to smear all up into my eyelid. I am a girl who applies mascara with a mirror held below my eyes with my head tilted back and my mouth open. I have average length eyelashes, and I use black mascara. It seems like my eyelashes are getting brushed onto my eyelids when I apply mascara. I would like to find a technique to prevent a smeary mascara application without having to switch to a different mascara. Thanks for your help!!How can I prevent a smeary mascara application?
apply from the top, not bottom, it won't push your eyelashes up, and also don't put the mirror so low, it makes your eyelashes seem longer so the wand might be touching your eyelid, OR if your mascara doesnt dry fast you might want to try closing your eyes for a few seconds to let it dryHow can I prevent a smeary mascara application?
Look up slightly so your lids are closed a bit. Going from the lash line to the tips of your lashes, wiggle the brush to avoid clumps and smears. You can also just use a bit of tissue to cover the areas that are getting smeared.
Use a credit card [or something similar sized] and hold it above your lashes against your eyelid when you apply your mascara, that really helps a whole lot... there are some eye tools sold in japanese beauty stores that do the same thing... sheild your's caled ';eyelash guard';.
Wait till it dries but whtatever you do, don`t buy waterproof mascara! It makes your lashes fall off.

Don`t blink very hard in the day. Blink so your top lashes touch your bottom lashes slightly.

How do you clean out a mascara tube?

I want to clean out a used mascara tube so I can fill it Vaseline or olive oil to brush onto my lashes, but when I try to fill the tube with water to clean it out, the water just gets stuck in there with the old mascara! How else can I clean a mascara tube?How do you clean out a mascara tube?
pour a nail polish remover, they will unclog then wash it off,

not tried am just making a suggestionHow do you clean out a mascara tube?
try hydrogen peroxide
Instead of taking a chance on not getting it cleaned out good and getting an eye infection try dipping a cotton swab in olive oil and gently rub across your lashes then toss. Also try using an eyelash comb for the vaseline.
u cant too hard
liquid eye make-up remover. :)
This is just a suggestion (not tried and tested) but maybe you could get some eye make up remover solution to unclog it. If not you could always go extreme and use white spirit - as long as you make sure its completely cleared out before you start using it again : s

How can i give my eyebrows the thick and dark effect with out mascara?

I really don't like mascara because it give you wrinkles under eyes

is there an alternative?How can i give my eyebrows the thick and dark effect with out mascara?
Do you mean eyelashes thick and dark?

I hate to presume but if it *is* eyelashes you were talking about, you can tint them for about $10-15 at the beuaty salon to give them rich colour that lasts for up to 6 weeks. You can also thicken them with lash treatments like those made by Jan Marina and ModelCo which you apply nightly before bed. All opthamologically tested and less tedious than applying mascara everyday.How can i give my eyebrows the thick and dark effect with out mascara?
try this?;origin=category%26amp;searchtype=%26amp;pbo=6008435%26amp;P=1
I have never heard of mascara giving you wrinkles. It could be your makeup remover being too harsh.

Try a brow kit like benefits brow zings which is the most popular but I think smashbox and urban decay do one.
like the answer above benefit does a good eyebrow thing but u sad u dnt like it giving u wrinkles under the eyes,... but u dnt put EYE brow powder UNDER ur eyes
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  • How do you remove a waterproof mascara from your lashes?

    I recently bought a waterproof mascara but i haven't started using it yet as I don't know how to remove or cleanse it off since its waterproof....... any tips?How do you remove a waterproof mascara from your lashes?
    Oil based makeup remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly.How do you remove a waterproof mascara from your lashes?
    No make-up tips from me.

    What is the best volumizing drugstore mascara?

    I have pretty long lashes, but they're very thin! What's the best one that will volumize that I can find at a drugstore. Thanks!What is the best volumizing drugstore mascara?
    I found ';Lash Blash'; almost impossible to remove. My lashes are now almost twice as long because I wear ';Loreal Double Extend';. It costs a bit more, but is worth it.

    If you cry it doesn't bleed, you can even swim in it! What it does is cover each lash as if you had lash extensions. Comes off easily when you wash your face too.

    Completely different from anything you ever used, and I consider it a miracle.What is the best volumizing drugstore mascara?
    i recommend the covergirl's lash blast.

    dont buy the waterproof version of it gets very VERy clumpy

    buy the non waterproof Report Abuse

    I heard the Covergirl lash blast is pretty good. Next time you go look for one, make sure that its not meant for both lengthening and volumizing, it should be JUST volumizing. People get that confused a lot.
    Cover Girl Lash Blast, Maybelline Colossal or NYX's Doll Eyes in Volume are all great mascaras that offer a ton of volume. I am partial to Lash Blast simply because of the awesome applicator.
    Hands Down CoverGirl Lashblast...its an orange packaging...

    and its amazing...get it in Ultra Black, it works wonders!

    Hope it helps!
    Maybeline's Full-N-Soft Mascara
    Lash Blast Mascara by Cover Girl. This is also the mascara with the sparkle color. Love it!
    Maybeline colossal is good, smells a bit though
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