Monday, November 30, 2009

How do you know if your mascara bottle is empty?

I've had mine for about 1 or 1 and a half monthes. I usually use it once a day. How do you know when to throw your mascara bottle out and get a new one? What if it's already empty?How do you know if your mascara bottle is empty?
You will know it is empty because the brush will come out dry.

However, because eyes are so sensitive to bacterial infections, I wouldn't keep mascara for more than three months. After that, things could really start growing in there.

If you do get an eye infection/irritation, toss all of your eye make up right away.How do you know if your mascara bottle is empty?
Get a flash light and look in the tube.
Make up should be replaced frequently regardless if it is empty or not.

Bacteria love the stuff. Consult the manufacturer.

If you must test, get a new bottle, take the brush and tap it over a tissue. That gives you a visual reference for how much should come off. Then check against yours.

When only a little come off, you know it is time to replace it.
umm, if there is nothing on the brush when you pull it out... kinda obvious huh?
lol (really lound) it gets dry and or none comes out on your lashes !!!!
Good question. Im not sure either I guess you can tell its run out when it doesnt come out as when you first got it. I do know one thing though I think...I think I remember that you are only ment to keep mascara for two months

Sorry not very helpful =]
Um same thing happens to me, it doesnt mean we r dumb so dont feel bad! Usually i cannever figure it out , but when the brush strats getting sticky and dry and clumpy. When its not so wet anymore and when you put it on there is not much shown on your lashes.
usually when it starts getting dry. try to change it every 6 months depending on the brand and if it is waterproof or regular.
Well if it is empty the mascara won't come off of the brush, and if it is really old it will be flaky and dry. I always throw out mascara over 3 months old regardless of it is still full. It can damage your eyes if it is too old.

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